Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thanmathra(Molecule) Malayalam -2005

Blessy again has come up with a different subject.This time he has roped in the other malayalam super star to do the role of Rameshan Nair in his movie thanmathra.

Rameshan is a middle class family man working in a government office.He is yet another father who harbors the dream that his children’s would make it big in the future. Everything goes smoothly, till his family and friends see him behaving differently. Later the doctor diagnose him and declare that he is an alzimer's patient.The movie is how the family copes up with the disease.

The movie explains rameshan's life and his lovely family in the first half and the second half is how the family deals with the disease. The doctor after diagnosing the disease says that it is the family that has to know more about this disease than the patient. As they are the one who are going to suffer more because of this.

At one point in the movie rameshan who explains the alzeimer's disease to his son says that it is a slow process where we keep forgetting everything that we have learnt till now, kind of a reverse process where an adult keeps forgetting all that he remembered till now and goes back to a child state before he dies.The second half of the movie is that slow reverse process.

Blessy again comes up with a movie that is filled with love and lot of touchy moments. Realistic characters and good acting makes the movie very interesting.One of the complaints on him is how he is not showing the progression of the disease gradually. I also agree with that, could have used some more scenes to show the graduation deterioration of his condition, As rameshan's change from a normal person to a full fledged alzeimer patient seems to happen kind of quick.


The movie has good acting by everyone, especially mohanlal. But don’t expect a Amitab's Black like performance. Alzeimer's forgetfulness patients are sometime mistaken as crazy people. Mohanlal walks the fine line of portraying an alzimer patient who could sometime be mistaken as a crazy person. As usual he gets into the skin of the character with so much ease.

Mohanlal who has been acting in one crap movie after the other since vanaprastham, redeems his reputation a bit with this movie.

Nedumudi Venu & Mohanlal

The story is inspired from Padmarajan's story 'orma'.

Cast and Credits:

Mohanlal .... Rameshan Nair
Vasudevan .... Lekha
Arjun Lal .... Manu
Nedumudi Venu .... Krishnan Nair
Sreekumar .... Joseph
Seetha .... Swarnam
Innocent .... Sukumaran Nair
Manka Mahesh .... Lekha's Mother
K. Pothan .... Doctor
Niranjana .... Manju

Music is again my mohan sitara, who did blessy's other movie kazhcha. He has composed some good numbers.

The best is the melodious "Mele Vellithinkal" which is a song to show the loving family.watch the song here

The other good song is kannama which is in tamil.

Listen to thanmathra songs here


At the state level the movie bagged many of the biggies

Best Film
Best Director: Blessy
Best Actor: Mohanlal
Best Screenplay: Blessy
Arjun lal who plays the son got the special mention from the jury.

Thanmathra Official website
Thanmathra special on rediff
Mohanlal interview
Mohanlal interview in hindu

I saw this movie earlier this year when i visited Chennai. I think while Mohanlal's character underplays the trauma Amitab's character in Black over-dramatises the same. Also i think special mention should go to Nadumudi Venu's acting.
yes.you are right about the mohanlal's acting, and Nedumudi venu is a wonderful actor or for that matter many of the malayalam character artist.They are so professional.
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