Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oridam (An Abode) Malayalam -2004

Oridam is a quest of a sex worker to find a place for herself in the society.The very same society, which uses and throws her.The sex worker character played by geethu mohandas doesn't have a name, nor does many of the other characters in the movie.The protagonists has a simple dream.A dream of leading a decent life, one that doesn't have anything to do with the flesh trade.The movie is her quest to fulfill that dream.

Geethu Mohandas

The movie doesn't sensationalize anything and focuses just on the protoganist and tries to bring her inner self out on the screen.Through the eyes of the character we come to know the problems of sex worker's.

Murali's handling of various visuals to convey the protagonists desires and thoughts are the only best part of the movie.Otherwise its an average movie that promises more but fails to deliver.

Pradeep Nair and Geethu Mohandas

Special mention award at the 52nd National Film Award

At the state level it got the following awards

Geethu mohandas best actress for Oridam and Akale
Best background music : Issac Thomas, Kottukapally
Best costume design – Kumar Edappal
Best film processing – Chithranjali Laboratories
Special jury award for outstanding brilliance in cinema – Pradeep Nair

official website
You can pay and download the movie here

I somehow feel Malayalam cinema has highlighted some topic which otherwise would have been workers and their rehabilitation is of course of of such topics.
Hmm.... iam about to post a blog on how malayalam cinema has dealt with so many different topics that are untoched by the others... :)
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