Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Gulzar, Gulzar, Gulzar. What can you say about this man.It is hard to escape his sensitive words, be it in a story or in a song. If you have a heart and if you can understand his words, he will capture you. He will turn you into a slave, a slave who longs for his words. Gulzar for me epitomizes the best of indian cinema.

He has shinned in all departments. As a lyricist, screenplay writer and director. To put it simply he is a writer, poet for whom cinema is another medium like books to get his literary stuff to the audience. His stories and screenplay carry the same lyricism of his songs.Like a breeze, they cross you, leaving you with a few characters that you will carry with you, all your life.

He is one man who will make you want negative results in movies. While watching his movies,i secretly pray in my heart that the hero and the heroine should not resolve their differences. Let them be separated, a chance meeting is ok, but let them not get together, let them be separated as long as possible. You might think that iam cruel?. Let me be, I would rather wish to have the sweet taste of pain and sorrow that flows out of gulzar's words rather than see a happy couple.

Is there so much sweetness in pain? is sorrow an enjoyable thing?.Yes, in a gulzar movie it is.He is a class act, who can take you into the complex world of human relationships, put forward so many questions, make you support both the opposing parties and leave you with moist eyes.He is a man who has repeatedly portrayed indian sensitivity at its best.

You hear a song like "Therey beena zindaghi mei koyi" from aandhi.The song breaks in between and sanjeev kumar utters the words that you know by heart, the song then goes on.A sadness sets into you, not an overpowering one, a melancholic sweet one.It's done,You are already under the gulzar spell. what is about those words, why does it create a mild sorrow in us?.Think its cause they are just not words, those words brings with it, the life of a man, his happiness, his love,his pain. Everything transferred to you in those few lines.A feeling that is unique of a gulzar song.

Lyrics in his movies are very much an essential part of it.They are not in the movie just for the heck of it.They are the musical version of the movie, capturing and enhancing the situation to greater heights.When you are watching a movie like Lekin, the first thing that strikes you is the imagination of gulzar the writter, a soul struck in time longing to free itself,waiting for someone to free her, hmmmmmmm, what a great imagination, you think. Before you could even come out of that thought, Lata mangeshkar sings the beautiful lyrics of gulzar, "Main Ek Sadi Se..".Its an overwhelming feeling when you hear it, the lyrics raises above the story capturing the feelings of a pitiful soul.When you hear the beautiful composition and a flawless rendering of it.It is bliss.Those are the moments that i can't get in any great international director movie, moments only an indian can enjoy to the core and only gulzar can write it that beautifully.

Gulzar's movies are about life. The innumerable beauties that it carries. It asks you to appreciate life, embrace life as it comes, see life in its wholeness, where inevitable things happen but you carry on, where mistakes of the past become sweet memories, where happiness is in living life moraly right and working for the common good of others, where love is the purpose of living. It teaches you to love life deeply and your partner even more deeper.



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yes, I am tempted to agree with you on Gulzar being a master at portraying the pangs of lovers ununited or separated - Ijaazat, silsila are just some of the examples...And it is true, isn't it, that you do realise the depth of your love for someone only in the gaps than when you are with them?
Usha mam,
i guess anybody who has watched gulzar movie will agree with that.Yep it is.Thanxs for stopping by :).
HI, Loved this post of yours. Glad to know another Gulzar fan :)
True! His words just touches the heart & soul!!
thanxs :)
its great to know there are people who have voiced their appreciation towards a stalwat like Gulzarsaab.i am one of his ardent fans because of the kind of cinema he experiments with. it yakes a lot of courage and gumption to make cinema with the thoughts that challenge the mainstream structure or ideas or stereotypes of the society and Gulzarsaab has been a pro at it. all his films have reflected those social realities which the mainstreasm cinema avoids to talk about whether its Ijazzat or Mausam he has bought to the surface dormant ideas which exist in all societies but no one speaks about them. its not commonplace even in cinema to show a daughter falling in love with her own father even if its unknowingly which is what Gulzarsaab did in Mausam.he is one man who truly touches the heart of the audiences.
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Any one who can understands the sensitive feelings of human being in a beautiful way must be named as "Gulzar".
After having an idea of gulzar's work for the film industry in fact for the film viewers i must be thankful and appreciate that he has done a great job.i feel my senses groomed after watching his work in different fields of film industry,,,,
USHA; Gulzar has nothing to do with Silsila, And Ambreen, She was not daughter of Protagonist just that he was in love with the mother.
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