Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Vijay talwar's lorie is a movie about motherhood. We keep reading stories about lost children's and people stealing children’s very often in the newspapers. This movie is a story about those peoples.

Geeta Malhotra (Shabana Azmi) a rich girl marries Bhupinder (Farooq Shaikh) against her mom (Rohini Hattangadi) and dad(B.L.Chopra).Geeta later finds out that she cannot become a mother, she goes through a depressive period and one fine day she steals a child.The police are after her, the movie goes to a court climax where she pleads that she should be given the ownership of the child. what happens is the climax.

The movie heavily relies on the mother sentiment's and manipulates it to the hilt.The case of the lost child's custody can be dismissed without any question from a law point of view.But because of all the indian mother sentimentality, the movie becomes a court room drama at the end. Decent performance by everyone.

Cast and credits:
Shabana Azmi .... Geeta Malhotra
Farooq Shaikh .... Bhupinder Singh
Swaroop Sampat .... Suman
Naseeruddin Shah .... Micky
Rohini Hattangadi .... Sharda Malhotra
B.L.Chopra ..... Mr.Malhotra
Madan Puri .... Mr. Kapoor
Kiran Vairale .... Majli Kapoor
Sulabha Deshpande .... Shanti
Paresh Rawal .... Prosecuting Attorney
Yunus Parvez .... Head of adoption agency
Javed Khan .... Bus Conductor

You get to see faroque sheik in beard. nasrudden does a cameo as faroque's friend.

Music is by khayyam and produced is sagar sarhadi.

he he I remember this movie for the kid who was called "laddu" in it....
exacto... that was the comedy part :)
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