Wednesday, November 23, 2005


This is a serious movie which starts out well but ends badly. It's a rough and engaging movie that depicts the violence on the streets in its crude and ugly form.The story is about a group of unemployed young guys who went bad because of the society and in comes a girl who changes them all and she is followed by the villain who makes them bad again. An usual story, with some realistic acting performance, especially that of the always angry hero nana patekhar. But the fact was that this story was made in 1986 and was kind of unusual for that time period i guess. The realistic and pacey direction by N.chandra sets the movie apart. But he seems to have been in a rush to complete the movie as the movie rushes to an usual climax.

Nana Patekar .... Ravindra Kelkar 'Ravi'
Rabia Amin .... Manda
Ashalata .... Anita's mom
Raja Bundela .... Saxena
Arjun Chakraborty .... Arjun
Madan Jain .... Shashi
Nisha singh .... Anita
Mahavir Shah .... Gupta

The credit of the movie has the name of arjun chakraborthy and madan jain before nana patekhar.

kuldeep singh

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