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Masoom - 1983 (Innocent)

There are two ways by which people handle a sad situation, either people emote all out with loud cries and emotional outbursts or they take it to the heart and bear it all.Masoom is a movie that emotes on the second type.It is a simple story told beautifully with a good screen play.

Dk Malhotra is an architect living happily with his wife indu(shabana)and two children’s pinky(urmila madonkhar) and Minni(Aradhana).His life changes when he gets a telegram from his old school master in nainital. His one night stand with bhavana(supriya pathak)had resulted in a child that he was not aware off. Now that bhavana had died , his master asks him to take his son rahul(Jugal Hansraj)with him. He brings the child to his home and the problems that happen out of this extra member in the house is the story.


This is one movie which is secretly wished will ends in a tragedy. I think this movie would have added more punch if it ended in some tragic way rather than the usual happy ending.


The movie is about those untold emotions. Nasrudeen shah and shabana azmi have done a good job. We usually associate beauty with happiness and cheerfulness. But Shekhar kapoor plays with that idea by introducing a cute child and keeping it sad. Unlike the other movie where u get emotional seeing the emotional outburst of the characters here you get emotional, because the character is not doing so.The beauty and the unexpressed emotions of the child forces us to emote, hate the parents and makes us want to take him in our arms and comfort him.

Cast and Credits:
Naseeruddin Shah .... D.K. Malhotra (DK)
Shabana Azmi .... Indu
Tanuja .... Chanda
Jugal Hansraj .... Rahul
Aradhana .... Minni
Saeed Jaffrey .... Suri
Urmila Matondkar .... Pinky
Supriya Pathak .... Bhavana

The movie is directed by shekhar kapur and written by Gulzar.The movie is supposedly an inspiration from the english movie "Man, Woman and child".

The movie has got some beautiful songs , well its a gulzar R.D.Burman combo."Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani" won many awards. The movie also has the melancholic "Tujhse Naraaz Nahin Zindagi" and two other good songs "Lakdi Ki Kathi" which is a fun children’s song which sounds almost like a rhyme and "Huzur is kadhar". Music is by R.D.Burman and lyrics by gulzar.

Listen to the music here

Shekhar kapur recieved India Film Critics Award for Best Film

At FilmFare
Nasrudeen won the 1983 Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his role in Masoom
It also won Best Music director for R.D.Burman. Lyricist for Gulzar(Tujse Naaraj Nahi), best female singer for Aarti Mukherji (Do Naina Ek Kahani).
Even though it was nominated for other categories like best film and direction.It lost them to the worthy winner ardh sathya.In the best actress category shabana azmi was nominated for masoom and 3 other movies. yes she was nominated for 4 movies out the five competing for the category. She was nominated for her roles in Avtaar, Mandi,Masoom and Arth. The other contender was Sridevi for Sadma. shabana won the best actress for her role in Arth.

At the National level
1982 National award for best singer went to Arti Mukherjee ("Do Naina Ek Kahani" - Masoom - Hindi) and P.Susheela ("Aakhulo Aakhunai Poovulo Poovunai" - Megha Sandesham - Telugu).

#)Editing is by arunavikas(gehrayee, rihaee)
#)The "tanha tanha" girl is a child artist in this movie

Gulzar on R.D.Burman

Totally agree with you about the ending. IMO, the kids were so natural in the movie (in par with actors like Naseer and Shabana!). 'Tujse naaraaz' is my favourite.

Surprised how you missed mentioning that the story is inspired from Erich Segal's 'Man, Woman and child'!
thanxs for pointing out.i read that forgot to mention it.
The film masoom is a loveable film and certainly the picture is enjoyed by all cinegoer. songs are very good. Kids esp. jugal has done a superb performance
Hi jugsri,
thanxs for stopping by.Yes masoom is a beautiful movie.Typical gulzar stuff
I have a small disagreement there. For its simple treatment of an extremely complex and human portrayal, I'll rate it ahead of Ardh Satya. But you seem to be a huge fan of Govind Nihlani, it seems :)

I think his best was Aakrosh.
-- Akshaya
Let me clarify my doubt here.Are u comparing masoom with ardh satya?.or was this a post that you wanted to put in Aakrosh?.Just wanted to make sure...
i would like to know who the third child artist is ,i found out on,that she was in satte pe satta ,where she played "shukar's" (one of the seven brothers)girlfriend.
now how the heck that can it be possible when this movie had been released one year after satte pe satta.can anybody finded out for me.
does anybody know she still works in movies,like other two .plz post her pic.i am just curious thats all.
Masoom is one of those movies which has a extremely domestic touch to it along with the expression of a one night stand which is so contradictary to indian culture. Moreover I love the party culture and the portrayal of the society which enfolds in it the hypocrisy of indian society as well
It is the remake of Balu Mahendra's malayalam film 'Olanga', which in turn was inspired by Eric Segal's novel - Man, Woman and Child. I rewound the credits and saw that credits for 'Story' is missing. Only Screenplay & Dialogues were mentioned
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