Monday, August 08, 2005

prarambh & pratha


Kumar Dave’s Prarambh is a simple story of a begger.The movie has Vijay Raaz & Gauri S. Karnik in the lead roles.

------ story------
The movie is about the begger bholu(vijay raaz).Bholu is the official begger of a temple in a remote village.He has his usual routine and is leading life in his own style.In comes chamki(Gauri S. Karnik), another beggar who sits before him and starts begging at the temple.His revenue goes down because of the competition.He fights with her and later falls in love with her.How the whole thing affects his life is the story.

The idea of the movie seems to be about the story behind a man's decision to work and make himself useful.But the theme is not conveyed well.The story is simple, the movie is also short.I think the movie could have still be shrunk, there were lot of elongated & repetitive scenes.

On the +ive side , the movie was not depressing, actually it was funny.Yes the story is about a beggar's life but it is a lighter story, it is not at all emotional at any point, that becomes the drawback of the movie also.It talks about bholu's problems, how he has to pay money to the local rowdy,his efforts to act like a leaper to earn more money.His frustrations on how people give more money to a women carrying a child than to a man etc.

Vijay raaz is very convincing in this role.Think he didn't have to put that much make up to act like a begger.Gauri S. Karnik, who comes as a loud mouthed beggar women has also acted good.

The film is made in a shoe string budget,i guess there are totally 4 locations in the entire movie and probably 5/6 characters.A simple and decent movie, nothing great about it.But you wont regret watching the movie either.


I saw irfan khan in the poster and took this movie.It back fired.The movie turned out as an example of how you can go wrong trying to take a good movie.Except for irfan khan other actors are pathetic, even he is not that great in the movie.

Supposedly based on a true story.The movie talks about the story of a girl who is being used by the the powerful people of a village in the name of god.

Leela marries Deepak, a college educated guy of there village.He goes back to college and hears the news that they villagers had converted her wife into a Devi(Goddess).Ninni Pandey the priest(Irfan khan) and other bug guys of the village have branded her as the reincarnation of Goddess Choksa Ma and the villagers start workshippin her.The rest of the movie goes around to say how people exploit the superstitions of the villagers and the efforts of deepak to get his wife freed from it all.

Yes it was a low budget movie, and it was evident in all departments of the movie.very bad production values makes it an below average movie.Pallav pandya a ARRehman wannabe has scored music.couple of songs are good.The movie is directed by raja bundela.

Raja Bundela on pratha

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