Monday, July 18, 2005

Rui Ka bojh(The weight of cotton)

A nice, clean & different movie.The comedy in this movie is very unique, you dont know whether to laugh or feel sad for a situation. The story of an aging parent and his children’s have been told in so many movies. But this one is something different form all the others that i have seen.It is a mild comedy, which arises out of the realistic situations, you as a viewer can see the comedy of a serious scene played by the characters. People who know hindi can enjoy it better as comedy get's lost in the translated subtitles lot of time.

The story is based on chandra kishore jaiswal's novel "GAWAH GHAIR HAZIR".

The movie is the story of kishunshah(pankaj kapoor),who after dividing his properties decides to stay with his youngest son Ramsharan (Raghuveer yadav).Ramsharan wants to take care of his dad well.He tells his wife(Reema Lagoo) to provide him with all that he needs.As time goes by kishunshah starts complaining like the other old men and starts making mountains out of mole hills.Things get out of hand and one day ramsharan manhandles his father.Kishunshah decides to snap all his relationship with the family and spend rest of his life in a temple.The rest is climax.

The movie does not deal the subject with all the sadness.It deals it with humor and pin points the misunderstandings and mistakes of the older people.kishunshah's helping hand are his grandsons nunulal, chunma, munma.Mainly chunma, the kid who played that role was sweet.The scenes between him and his grandfather are funny.

Similarly the scenes involving kishunshah's and his daughter in law are also good.
The movie does not go on the route of greedy,uncaring son and duaghter in law.It tells the story realistic with lot of comedy.

Pankaj kapoor is awesome in the movie.I can't imagine anybody else doing this role like him.He has done the role to perfection, good supporting roles by raghuveer yadav and rema lagoo.The movie is Directed by subash agarwal and produced by NDFC.

Never heard about the movie though after reading the review would like to watch it.The BIG question is where do I get the DVD?
can any1 send me a torrent of this movie or link to download , that will be a great thanks mah id
I have seen the movie.
Its really very fantastic.
such a great direction and acting by all the actors is really very nice.
i m also searching for the avi or torrent for it.
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just now finished seeing RUI KA BOJH on DD National. Awesome direction and The Old man's role was brought to life by pankaj kapoor(not enough words to praise him) really true to life portrail of relationship between doting old man and his family
On 28 Aug 2010 I watched RUI KA BOJH on DD National. Marvelously written, Played, Directed Movie with good enough humor patches in-between the serious seen. All associates of the film justified their roles in every respect. MUST WATCH MOVIE. Thanks to Door Darshan.
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Excellent Role by Pankaj Kapoor... A must see... I m sure u'll relive ur childhood in some part or the other..
Awesome movie!Almost every person involved with the movie deserves an appraisal for his/her work,right from the director,the cameraman etc. to the artists.
It's sad to note how underrated a movie this one is..,and the artists share somewhat similar fate..
Anyways salute to Pankaj Kapoorji and Raghuvir Yadavji(I remember him as my fav., Chacha Chowdhary :D )
Reema Lagoo ji's portrayal of the daughter-in-law is understatedly multi-dimensional and realistic.
Great film, the portrayal is perfect. The son and daughter in law have good intentions. The father is ageing and since has nobody to talk to becomes frustrated and paranoid (sathiyana) and he starts creating issues for no reason, he even starts peeing near his bed.
In the end the patience of the son runs out and he snaps.
This is something that happened even in my home with my grandfather.
The father decides to leave the house to an ashram, he calls for a bullock cart and had a conversation with the cart puller. He realizes that he will not be taken care at the ashram as his own children are able to care for him.

Acting and true to life culture of rural India has been portrayed. Not like the nonsense costume drama shown in ramleela and endless daily soaps on tv.
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