Thursday, June 23, 2005


An interesting story that talks about the people who blindly believe astrology. Shreeram Lagoo is a famous astrologer whose prediction always come true.The movie starts with him predicting that his son nandhu's(Amol Palekhar) friend's(vidhu vinod chopra ??) wife will die in the pregnacy.And his words come true.Nandhu is in love with sushma.when he decide to get married .His father predicts that nandhu's first wife will die in 11 months after the marriage, during her pregnancy.Nandhu who beleives his fathers astrological predicitons beleivs that.During that time astrologer's friend comes and stays with his daughter indhu(Deepti naval)at nandhu's house daughter come and stay in there house.Indu is an immature person with some pshycological problems.Nandhu who does not wants to loose sushma decides to marry indu so that he can remarry sushma when indhu dies as predicted by his father.The marriage happens and as usual the husband falls in love with his wife.And the time of pregnancy comes.what happens is the climax.

The movie is great for the first half and then it starts to sag and slows down a bit and ends with a nice climax.

Deepti naval plays a beautiful role.She is a young girl in a woman's body.She is mentally not matured.She is filled with emotions.Like bubbles in a boiling water, various types of emotions comes out of her only to disappear in a few seconds and reappear as a different one.Again it is not done in the usual masala type way with exaggerated emotions etc.Things are shown subtly.This is a character that a performance inclined actress would die for.Deepthi Naval does a nice job with it, wish she could have done better but definetly a good performance.Her innocent smile makes her a best fit for the naive village girl role.

Sriram lagoo has done a nice job in the job.He is the future predicting astrologer.Amol is average in the movie and seemed to have saved some money on the production cost by not putting make up.

I don't know whether this movie took the inspiration for the deepthi naval character from K.Balachander's "Agni Sakshi".The lead characters in both the movie are kind of similar.The pshycologist like agni sakshi likes his patient and advices that she would be alright as time progresses.

After the movie was over.I listened to the songs again and again.This movie has some awesome songs.most of the songs are bhajans.

1)Kauno thagwa nagariya lutal ho - Asha
2)Mujkho bhi radha - Asha
3)Thumaka Thumaka Paga - Bheem sen joshi
4)Raghuvar thujh ko - Bheem sen joshi

The first 2 songs where by asha, i liked them a lot.Then came a song by Pandit Bhim sen joshi.With the first 2 lines i understood what it means to be a Pandit.The song was delivered with authority and style.

The second song."Mujhko bhi radha banaley" comes is when indhu is still that bubbling young girl and the next time after their marriage is consummated.
The song uses the same 3 instruments tabla,flute,sitar for both the version.But both the verions are done so wonderfully that they reflect indhu's maturity from a child to women.The first version is with so many swara changes and pacy, the songs flows like a river depicting the numerous emotions that she has and the second one is slow and sustained.That song explained why the movie got jaidev the best music director national award in 1984

Bheem sen joshi also sings 2 songs."Thumaka Thumaka Paga" comes during nandhu's marriage.This song was badly edited.The idea must have been that when the function is happening and a particular emotion is freezed for a second.Rather than putting a still shot, people act as if they are freezing while the camera is running.It was funny.

The movie got the national awards in 1984 for

Best Music Director : Jaidev

Best Male Playback Singer : PT. Bhimsen Joshi

Unfortunately asha didn't get the national award that year.The national award that year went to S.Janaki for "Vennello Godari Andham" from the movie Sithara.An awesome song.It is the telugu version of "Dhoorathil nan kanda un mugam" from nizhalgal.If you are scratching your head when this song comes in nizhalgal.It was in the tape but didn't make it to the movie.

The second heroine sushma is the biggest comedian in the movie.It beats me why she was casted in the movie.She is not good looking, pathetic in acting and looks like someone gave dubbing voice for her.probably she was the producers daughter or something.But Amol has cleverly got around this PROBLEM.When ever there is a case where she has to act.he will make her turn and show her back to the camera or keep interesting camera angles so that she doesn't have to emote in front of the camera.It was comical.

A simple and different story with great music.

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