Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ashok R Nath’s Saphalam

It is a movie about an old couple,Barister Sankaran Nambiar (Balachandra Menon) and his wife Subhadra (Sumitra).They have been married for 40 years and are leading a happy life in their own ways.Barrister sankaran nambiar is an interesting character.He is a dreamy,philosophical & sensitive personality.He is an oxford educated lawyer who was a writer,some one who is interested in western music, and can play a piano.He cannot hear properly and uses a hearing aid.But he has no problem listening to his wife's speech as he can understand what she talks just by watching her lip movements.A very sensitive and philosophical person, who views things from a writer's point of view.He hears the sound of the birds in his courtyard as Beethoven's symphonies.He is either enjoying things around him or looking at it philosophically. He also has the traits of typical old people,he complains about the younger generation, feels that he is neglected by his son ,does not show his feelings openly and broods,his wife has to ask him for everything etc.Also as the typical head of the house, he expects his wife to do most of the work.

OK, to the story.The elderly couple who are leading a peaceful life are concerned about their childless son who is living in USA.One day they hear the news that their daughter in law is pregnant.They are expecting that their daughter in law would come there and have the delivery at their home.But their son decides to have the baby in US as facilities are better out there.Later his sons asks his mother to come to USA to help her wife during pregnancy.

shankaran nambiar is upset that his son is neglecting him.He broods that son's always love their mother and neglect their fathers.He is more upset on the fact that his wife is about to leave him.He has never separated from his wife and he does not want her to leave.But because like his son,he also had a late child, he understands the pain and expectaions of a father and does not want to hamper his son and his wifes joy.His wife leaves to USA.He becomes very emotional and both shankaran nambiar and subhadra die almost at the same time.

It was all good till then.After that follows the last 5 pathetic minutes. where the camera follows sumithra running in slow motion to meet Balachandra menon playing piano.

Except for the last 5 minutes a nice movie.There is a lyrical quality to lot of scenes in the start.A great performance by balachandhra menon.He plays the role of barrister nambiar beautifully.He shows all the characteristics that i mentioned in the 2nd paragraph nicely.

The movie is well directed by ashok Nath, it won the 2003 national award for BEST MALAYALAM FILM.

Ashok R Nath at cinemaofmalayalam

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