Friday, August 19, 2005

Gehrayee -1980

Usually movies that deal with paranormal topics in india are pretty much horror movies. And these movies are mostly inspired from some foreign flicks and indianized with local superstitions and remedies. Yeah and i forgot those horrible horrible makeups. I thought probably "Manichithra thazhu" was the first sane movie that broke away from this line and gave a clean thriller with a scientific approach. And probably the first movie that treated the subject without any of those usual stupid horror movie components. But i was wrong, Gehrayee which came in 1980 is another movie that deals the subject very well. It does not take the scientific line of "Manichithra thazhu" ,but it deals the story in a very sane way without much of the commercial cinema fuss. For a movie that was made in 1980, it is totally a different one.

The movie starts with the statement.
For those who believe no explanation is necessary - for those who don't, no explanation is possible!.


The movie is set in bangalore.Chenna Bassappa (Sriram lagoo) and his wife saroja(Indrani Mukherjee) are two opposite sides when it comes to beleifs.Chenna Bassappa is a modern man who does not beleive in astrology, ghost and other superstitions that his wife beleives.They have two childrens nandu(Anant Nag) and Uma(Padmini Kolhapure).There happy life is shaken by the sudden change in uma.she starts behaving strangely, she goes into spell at times and behaves like different person.

Chenna Bassapa takes her to a psychiatrist against his wife’s wishes and gives her treatment. All the treatment fail. Then she is taken to magicians and tantrics. Once when Uma is under the spell of the spirit, she tells some secret which causes a rift in the family. Uma's brother is concerned only in curing her and does not care about the means. The movie kind of takes the spirits and ghosts line after that and when u think the movie ended. It starts again with Nandu on a revenge trail. The movie ends with a nice climax.

Even thought the movie kind of becomes a spirit , ghost oriented one in the end. It does not use it as a means to frighten the audience, but to move the story forward. It is more like the ghost that comes in Shakesphere's Hamlet, rather than the one in the usual horror movies.

The movie is set in bangalore. Not sure why the director choose the background of the story in bangalore and that too a south indian family.Young padmini kohlaphuri is awesome in the movie. Well supported by Anant ang and sriram lagoo. The star cast also includes Amrish Puri & Rita Bhaduri.

Music is by lakshmikanth pyarelal and there is only one song in the movie "Rishte bas rishthe" by kishore kumar. Kind of a sad song with lyrics that has got nothing to do with the movie.

The director is credit as Arunavikas.Short name of the ex husband and wife pair Vikas Desai and Aruna Raje.Their approach of the story is really good.


Aruna raje
Vikas Desai narrates an intresting incident while making gehrayee.

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