Monday, December 19, 2005

Bombay Talkie -1970 English

Another ismail merchant movie which has that easy feel and subtle emotions. This movie is a trip down the memory lane, so much of time has passed since this movie was released. you can see a young shashi kappor, jeniffer kendall, aparna sen,utpal dutt,jalal agha and a young usha uthup, who was usha iyer then.

The movie tells the story of Lucia Lane, an English writer who's last best seller was about hollywood. She comes to check out bollywood for inspiration for her next book. An self absorbed women she meets hari the script writter and vikram(shashi Kapoor) an upcoming film star. Through her the story makes fun of the film and spiritual industry of those years.

The movie gives a glimpse of the hindi film industry of the 70's to the western audiences. Like the shooting scenes of a song which is staged on a big type writer set ,with the group dancers dancing on the keys. The movie also shows us the spiritual part of india that fascinated the hippie era. It takes a dig at the swamiji's and the mad crowd that follows them.Pichoo kapoor comes as the funny guruji.

Watch it if you want to watch the younger version of some famous stars. Otherwise there is not much in the movie.

Cast and credits:
Shashi Kapoor .... Vikram
Jennifer Kendal .... Lucia Lane
Zia Mohyeddin .... Hari
Aparna Sen .... Mala
Utpal Dutt .... Bose
Nadira .... Anjana Devi
Pinchoo Kapoor .... Swamiji
Helen .... Heroine in Gold
Usha Iyer .... Cabaret Singer
Sulochana .... Gopal Ma
Jalal Agha .... Young Man with anjana devi

Ismail merchant comes at the start for a few minutes.

Music is by shankhar jaikishen.There are 4 songs in the movie.
1)Good Times & Bad Times
Singer : Usha Iyer
Lyrics : Usha Uthup
2)Hari Om Tat Sat
Singer : Usha Iyer
Lyrics : Usha Uthup
3)Tum Mere Pyar Ki Duniya Mein
Singer : Mohd Rafi
4)Typewriter Tip Tip
Singer : Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar

There are 2 songs by usha iyer(uthup).Both of them in english.It was interesting to listen to Good times and bad times, a carpenters type song of the 70's set to a tabala background. Hari om tat sat is a typical jazzy number of the hippie era. And the two big guys have sung one song each, as usual they rock.

Listen to the song here

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