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Iti srikanta(Yours truly, srikanta) - 2004 -Bengali

Its yet another love triangle story of Saratchandra Chatterjee, that has been made into a movie.This time it is the story of a man torn between two women .

Strikanta(Adil) the hero is the narrator of the story. He is a care free guy, who comes across is old child hood friend Rajalakshmi(Reema Sen) who has become a prostitute. Rajalakshmi takes care of Srikanta and he start having a relationship with her. srikanta cannot stay in a place or relationship for a long time.So he goes away from rajalakshmi now and then only to return back to her.Once, when he moves out of rajalakshmi's house he goes to his native place and meets his old friend(Gahar).IN the village he comes across a vaishnavite Kamallata(Soha Ali Khan) and falls in love with her.From then on he oscillates between these two women.Even though he appreciates the care that raja lakshmi shows for him, he does not like her possessiveness. who he chooses is the climax.

The story is based on sarat chandra's 1917 novel srikanta.sarat beautifully places two women, who are totally opposite to each other and creates his usual love triangle.The two womens rajalakshmi and kamalatha can't be more different.For rajalakshmi is a prostitute living in her own bungalow and kamallatha is a vaishnavite who is residing in a ashram. Rajalakhmi is earthly, passionate and possessive.where as kamalatha is spiritual,calm and un possessive.

These two women are metaphors for many thing.Kamallata representing the mental part of love and Rajlaxshmi the physical. Rajlaxhmi the rich courtesan represents material wealth whereas the kamallata the vaishnavite represents the spiritual one.Raj laxmi wants to posses srikantha, she wants to make him his only, whereas kamallata believes she already has him inside her(mentally/spiritually) and nobody can take him away form her.

soha ali khan

The character srikanta is again an awesome one.He is a nomadic guy who believes that every new experiences enriches him.So he keeps moving from one place to another in search of new experiences. He does not want to be bound by anything and cannot stay in a place or a relation for a long time.He is a man who sits in the cremation ground and ponders about life. He represents the part of everyman which is in search of the true meaning of life.The part that is on a constant search to know what is the right way to live.This character is made to choose between two women. Who both believe that he is their saviour.Raj lakshmi hoping that he would marry her and save her from the immoral life that she is leading and kamal lata believes that he is the one, sent by the gods to save her from the earthly life and lead her to immortality.

The story which i guess is more true to the book,has a few unnecessary scenes.The movie could have been made little crisper.But it does get back to the beautiful climax, showing the stamp of sharath chandra.

Ail & Pijush Ganguly

The novel is set in 1917 and it talks little bit on the social setting of that time period. Through srikanta's friend gahar, it stresses hindu muslim unity.

Reema & soha ali khan

Cast and credits:
Soha Ali Khan .... Kamallata
Reema Sen .... Rajlakshmi
Adil .... Srikanta
Nirmal Kumar
Pijush Ganguly .... Gahar

Soha Ali Khan is the youngest daughter of nawab of pataudi and sharmila tagore.
Adil is a national drama school student.

Music is by tabla exponent Bikram Ghosh.The movie has a good BGM and an awesome bajan in hindi.

The movie is well cinemetographed by Sirsha Roy and directed by Anjan das.

Anjan Das

The Award for the Best Audiography of 2004 is given to Anup Mukherjee for the Bengali Film ITI SRIKANTA for finest recordings of the sound in a superb way that lends an extra dimension to the film.

DVD with english subtitles is released by eagle.more

Siddartha and Chitralekha...well Iti Srikanta completes my trilogy on films dealing with the contrasts of material world and seems highly interestin....Again my age old a VCD available for this?
yes it is.check out this link.
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I haven't find any video link about the great serial of DD1 "Srikanth" on net. Farooq Shaik was the leading actor.
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