Monday, January 02, 2006

Aparna Sen

Aparna sen is one of those few female director's who made a mark for themselves in the indian film industry.She is one of those rare mix of beauty and brain. Daughter of Chidananda Dasgupta, who co-founded the Calcutta Film Society with Satyajit Ray, She came into the film industry as an actress in Theen Kanya, introduced by satyajit ray in the early 60's.She acted in many films for Ray and many others before making her directorial debut in 1981.The movie was 36 chowringhee lane, which started as a script that was approved by her idol Satyajit ray himself and on his suggest that she herself should direct the movie. She did make ray proud ,took a gem of a movie that has gone down as a classic. She also got the country's highest award for direction, the national award for best director on her first movie itself.

Aparna who is also called as Rinadi, since then has made many movies based on female characters and has established herself as one of india's ace directors. She is also a scriptwriter, actress and a magazine editor. she was awarded the padmashree in 1986.

Aparna sen films in alternate movies
36 chowringhee lane

Aparna sen interview
Aparna in hindu

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