Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top ten of Satyajit Ray

This is my list of Top Ten movies of satyajit Ray.

2)Pather Panchali
3)Aranyer Din Ratri
4)Jana Aranya
5)Apur Sansar
7)Shantranj Ke Khilari

dont you think Devi features even in the top 10? just curious...
Thanks, you have broken your silence.

Keep blogging.

Its not cause i didn't think it is not one of his top ten.Its just cause i haven't seen it.:)

thanxs bhakit
then you better!
Devi's sneak peak . Its not a full review but yes, gives you a starter.
and how come u left out aparajito. Arguably the best of apu trilogy.
check the offlines
How can you leave "Nayak"?
And as far as "Agantuk" is concerned I dont think thats one of Ray's best. He was ill at that time and couldnot supervise the film fully. That might be the reason
thanxs for the link.

Somehow i felt aparajito was not as great as the rest.Maybe iam mistaken, i dont know.

what offlines ??..

Didn't get to see Nayak either.
how come there's no aparajito? for me thts very close in the league of charulata n kanchenjhunga..
I haven't seen much of Ray (only 4). I am very keen to watch Aranyer Din Ratri
Iam doubting myself many people have raised this question.I somehow didn't see it in the top ten :).

yeah.. watch it.Its a must.
Sonar Kella? I think Sonar Kella is fabulous. And a movie does not have to tackle a heavy topic to be really great. And Sonar Kella is.

Also, you might not have seen Nayak. The best? Probably not, but close. My favourite? Oh yes!

Nice to see Jana Aranya rated high, one of my favourites.
And I never managed to really like Devi.

And honestly, I could fight for Pikoo, I could fight for Aparajito, for Kapurush, for Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne and Hirak Rajar Deshe (ah, and so was childhood...), and i would have fought as vehemantly for Jalsaghar have you left it out, or Kanchenjungha.

So, that was your list. And why not, indeed?
Sinfully Pinstripe,
I saw ur list too, intresting.
I absolutely love Ray. I agree with the people above who question the absence of Aparajito. I think it is superbly under-rated. Having said this, I must say, it is your list of your top 10 Apu movies, so why question it huh :D

I saw Devi recently, and while it was rather slow, it was very forward for its times, and Sharmila Tagore was brilliant.
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