Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Spoilers

I don’t like to give out everything about the movie. But iam writing the spoilers cause i want people to understand the finer points of good movies. The general indian public has been spoon feed with simpler stories that they don’t appreciate good movies cause it takes a little bit of effort to understand what the director is trying to convey. Me for example once used to watch a movie and used to wonder what was the movie about?. I would be clueless and would try to look for information on the movie. So the spoilers here are for people who want to cross over from main stream movies to art movies and also for people who didn't get the idea of the movie.

My strong suggestion is to watch the movies and then read the spoilers.

Spoilers don't matter. A good film is the one which is good regardless of the fact whether you know the story or you do not. No film that depends on its predictability or twists and turns so much, can be worth watching anyways.

- Akshaya
Thank you for the clarification. When I meant that I hate Spoiler(in Ijazzat review), is that I shouldn't have read the section "Spoiler".

Just thought of claririfying...

hey...u have linked my blog...thanks..i never knew dat u knew dat i was a regular at ur blog...
just one request...please correct d spellings for my name...

Came back to your site after a long time and is quite pleased to see that its blossoming.

Ever tried this site?

Carry on the good work.
I am a first time visitor to the site. The first three movies which i read on ur blog, SKK, Ijaazat , and BF, are some of my fav movies!
Great blog. ! Keep em coming.
Cured, huh, Sen? No more 'one-a-day medicine' or are you not sharing 'the side-effects'? :)
at the end of the day it is the answer to this "why do i watch a cinema" that defines my interests in it. there are ppl who watch movies just for the heck of it _ ie kill time. there are others who wants to watch good movies so that they can take a message out of it. now that doesn mean they dont watch movies like "main hu na" the point is a person who loves movies does not necessarily have to follow the ART GENRE. from a personal front i would want to watch movies that is simple honest and faithful to the ordinary life that is arnd me. at the same time i find ppl like adoor gopalakrishnan extremely boring. a film needs some amount of romanticisation to make ppl sit and watch it!
HI, I want to know if there is a place in bangalore where I can purchase such movies. Those music world and planet M people didnt have a clue what movies I asked them abt.

I am esp. looking for Anaahat and Sidhhartha.
sorry abt that.. i changed it.

thanxs.. will check it out


Was too busy to take medicines :).

Everybody has their own likes and what ever that works for you.

I dont have a clue.
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