Thursday, February 02, 2006

Malgudi Days

Great news.Malgudi Days is now released on DVD.Check it out here.

Sen ,
Is malgudei Days similar to sriranga DevathaigaL ?
Not sure about that.Havn't read srirangathu devadaigal... dont tell me that u havn't watched malgudi days in DD :)
i have watched it ..But reading expereince is quite different ...
A story of a poor beggar caring for a dog will be very different in screen and in writing .....
It does not have Swami, I guess!

If we see the first part of malgudi days were short stories by R K Laxman.
The best thing abt that serial was the opening score in flute...i still remember even after all these years. would buy the dvd just to hear it again. thank you for sharing the info.
I own this 2 DVD set, but mates this is not the Complete series that was shown on Doordarshan. It only includes 13 Episodes. Many of Swami's episodes and others are not on this set, but it surely is a treat even with 13 eps.
That sure is good news.
That's indeed a good news.
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