Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Movie from the other side of West Bengal

I took some bengali dvd's only to know that they are from east bengal and not west bengal.Yes they were bangladeshi movies.After seeing the titles, I was wondering what's up with bengali's and the river.There are so many titles with river names.

Titas Ekti Nadir Naam(River Named Titas) -Ritwik ghatak
Padma Nadir Majhi((Boatman of the River Padma)) - Gautam gosh
Nadir Nam Madhumati -River Called Madhumathi - Tanvir Mokkammal
Chitra Nadir Parey(Quite Flows the River Chithra) - Tanvir Mokkammal
Ekti Nadir Naam( Name of a river)- Anup singh
Tero Nadir Parey(Beyond Thirteen Rivers)- Barin Saha

At least Quite Flows the River Chithra seemed to be inspired from Mikhail sholokov's "Quite flows the don" which is about the life of cossacks living near the river Don.similarly QFT river chithra is also about the village that is situated on the banks of river chithra. Nadir nam madhumathi/titas ek nadir naam are also about the people who live on the banks of the respective river.

Here are the reviews of some of the movie that i saw.
River Called Madhumathi
Quite Flows the River Chithra
Clay Bird

Great blog you have going on out here - nice reviews
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"I was wondering what's up with bengali's and the river.There are so many titles with river names."

That's what happens when you grow up surrounded by water bodies everywhere ... trivia ... something you must be knowing anyways ... the West bengal-Bangladesh area is the world's biggest delta ... that means the region has literally been created out of rivers by steady deposition of slit.

yeah i know that, i was wondering why similar titles river named titas, river named madhumathi.I was thinking whether it is to convey that the river as a mute witness to the violence and changes that are happening in the village.
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