Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Daman(Domination) - 2001

It is the story of how durga(raveena tandon)'s overcomes her abusive husband saikia(sayaji shinde).The movie is mediocrity at its best.Sceenplay, acting, photography everything is amateurish.Reema sen, singer shaan and everybody who is not aware of a thing called acting is there in the movie, the only saving grace from the all around mediocre acting is sayaji shinde.But the role given to him is a run of a mill one and he has been made to over act, testing our patience.Raveena tandon has hardly done any good acting.Well, now i agree with all those who told that she was given the national award as a token of appreciation for her BJP campaign.she has done a very different role from her rest of the movies, that is all the difference.

The director Kalpana Lajmi's intention to give a movie that portraits how women are being subjugated to torture and abuse should be appreciated. But the intention is all that you can appreciate in this movie.There is nothing in the movie to convey her intentions.

Music is by bupen hazarika he also joins the other mediocrity dept in the movies.
Some songs and they way they picturized are pathetic.Gum Sum is the only good number.Sar Sar Hawa is a different composition, other than that rest of the songs are byproduct of the uninspiring story.

Daman songs

Raveena tandon was awarded the 2000 national best actress award.

I always get confused which movie Raveena got the award for - this one or Satta...Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, her role was different, and from her repertoire it was indeed great. But, does that justify a National Award? Cant really say.

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And yes, there is a Lataji's version of 'Samay o dheere chalo' - shud hear that. It's awesome!
thanxs for the info deepak.
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