Friday, September 30, 2005

kalpana Lajmi

Kalpana lajmi is another indian female director who has taken few good movies. Her well known movie is 'Rudaali' which won dimple kapadiya the best actress award and it was the official oscar nomination from india.

Lalitha lajmi

Kalpana Lajmi was born into the famous Guru Dutt family. She was the daughter of guru dutts younger sister Lalita Lajmi,a painter. She was shyam benegal's assistant director for a long time, before she took her first feature film "Ek Pal", starring Nasrudeen and shabana. The movie supposedly a trend setter brought her recognition. Her second movie Rudaali scaled even more heights.Since then she has made a few movies like Darmiyan, Daman, Kyon etc. Even though her latest movies have been insignificant ones, the first two movies have found a place for themselves in the history of indian cinema.

One common thing about Kaplana's movies where its subjects on women issues and the music of bhupen hazarikha.All her movies had the music of bhupen hazarikha, she even assisted him in few movies that he directed.



kalapana chat transcript

Nice research, u found a photo of Lalitha Lajmi as well.

Rudaali's 'dil hoom hoom kare' and 'jhooti mooti mitwa' are ekdum top class songs.

I am sure Lata sang songs for Ek Pal also, but never could find them. Hope u will be able to provide a link when u talk about the film.

Take care
yep they are classics.Iam sorry i dont know any site for the can read more information about the songs here
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