Friday, September 23, 2005

shaque(doubt) - 1974

This is the first film of the Aruna vikas pair.It is a simple story told in a nice way.Good screenplay keeps you engaged all through out the movie.

Vinod Joshi(Vinod Khanna) and his wife Meena Joshi(Shabana Azmi) are living happily. Meena receives a letter from vinod's ex colleague mann singh(Utpal Dutt), accusing her husband for the murder and robbery that happened in there bank a few years ago. Meena starts doubting her husband, and that brings a rift and unhappiness in the family. whether her doubt turns out real or not is the story.

Good acting by everyone. Vinodh khanna, shabana azmi were good in there respective roles, but the man who stole the show was utpal dutt. He is just awesome. As usual he does the role well without much effort .He has given a great performance as a slightly demented ex colleague of vinod.

The movie grips u from the word go.The credits role on a murder sceen.When the credits ended the scene was that of shabana with lots of makeup running on the beach in slow motion and there was a close up smiling shots(Oh my god, someone save me ). vinod khana was riding a horse on the beach, for a second i thought to myself whether i was seeing the old cinthol soap advertisement?. I started having my doubts about the movie. Thank god that was a dream and the movie took off right after that scene. The movie keeps you engaged right from there, within a couple of scene you come to know about the murder and the suspense is maintained all through out the movie.

The arunavika pair has to be mentioned for there pacey screenplay.Only thing that i didn't like about the movie was an item number song. They could have done without that.

Arvind deshpande

The credits said introducing arvind deshpande and suhas bhalekhar. suhas bhalekhar is the same guy who comes as the servant in gehrayee.

Suhas bhalekhar

Arunavikas are everywhere in the making of the movie. From script, editing, direction art direction, costume, background music organization to the co-production of the movie.


Music is by Vasant Desai.The movie started with obituary messages to him. Guess he died in the middle of the movie. May be that is why aruna vikas name is in background music arrangement. Lyrics by gulzar.This song has one vaniji duet with rafi.

The movie had 5 songs.
1. Do Naino Ke Pank Laga Kar - Kumari Faiyaaz
2. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan Hai - Rafi, vani jairam
3. Meha Barasne Laga Hai - Asha
4. Ye Kahan Aa Gai Main - Asha
5. Abhi Na Parda Girao Thehro - J K Banerji

The editing was also spot on.
Sitam is another masterpiece - didn't know it was from the same stable.
Will have to check out Gehrayee - has to be as good.
thanxs for stopping by.Yes sitam was also by them.I still havn't seen it.have to watch it.
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