Thursday, September 22, 2005

Aruna Raje

Aruna Raje is another women director who took some very different movies.Aruna raje joined with her husband vikas desai and took movies in the name of ArunaVikas (Shaque, Gehrayee, Sitam).They were initially an editing(giddh, masoom) pair who took to directing later.The arunavikas pair gave some realistic and different movies. But later when she started taking movies on her own, she made hard hitting feminist movies like rihaee.

Aruna was studying medicine at Grant Medical College when she quit and joined the FTII, Pune. Having passed out of FTII with a gold medal in 1969, she was the first trained woman technician in the industry. But despite her qualifications, being a woman in a male-dominated field was difficult. She confesses: “Though my ex-husband and I worked as a team, I had to work 10 times as hard as him to prove I knew my job.” But, after a while the cast and crew of the movies that she worked on, accepted her after realizing her expertise.more
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Aruna in hindu
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Aruna Raje - A Tough Director

dropped by here following a trackback. Speaking from personal bias, this is an excellent theme. Nice posts, and loads of trivia. And with the space you've devoted to "chashme baddoor", you've got a fan in me:)
Thanxs for dropping by.Just wanted to create a repository of good indian movies.well i kind of restricted myself on chashme buddoor :).
And if you have some intresting info to add to any film here, please do let me know.
So you were finally able to contact George and that too, here itself (the intended destination, i mean)! :)
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