Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lal Salaam

Lal salaam is one of the very few indian movies that dealt with naxalism.The movie is supposedly a loose story weaved around various real life incidents.

The movie is the story of oppressed tribals rising against their oppressors.Kanna (Sharad Kapoor) is a adivasi who is on the way of becoming a doctor.Rupi (Nandita Das) is his love. Ghisu (Vijay Raaz) his brother is intrested in the naxalite movement and dispite his warnings, he joins the naxalite movement after being humiliated by a Forest Ranger (Akhilesh Mishra).Rajjaiya (Makarand Deshpande) the naxalite leader takes him in and soon rupi also joins them after being humiliated by the police inspector Deshpandey (Sayaji Shinde).what happens to the naxals and what happens to khanna rupi love story is the movie

The movie to a large extent is neutral and gives every view point on the problems of the adivasi's.It doesn't sensationalize anything and is very realistic.It also talks about the speedy and violent justice provided by the naxalites, which attracts the adivasi's to take up naxalism.But that is the only important thing that is conveyed.An open ended story & a neutral viewpoint that shows all the sides makes the whole movie purposeless.

In Aakrosh, govind nihlani hits us hard with the problems of the adivasi's & the failure of the govt & judicial system without much violence. But here even with repeated scenes of govt high handedness and oppression the movie hardly impresses.

The different movie which deals with naxalism but not a hard hitting one.


The movie has an impressive cast though.

Nandita Das .... Rupi
Sharad Kapoor .... Kanna
Makrand Deshpande .... Rajayya
Vijay Raaz .... Ghisu
Rajpal Yadav .... Dhattu
Akhilendra Mishra .... Rathod (Forest Ranger)
Sayaji Shinde .... Inspector G.C. Deshpande

The other good thing about the movie is its music. Music is by hridayanth mangeshkhar and lyrics by Gulzar.All the female songs are by lata mangeshkar.
This big 3 came together for the movie after 10 years, their last one was lekhin.

Chand Gufa Mein,Hunkara Jage and Mitwa are good numbers.

usha,latha,hridayanth,asha and meena mangeshkar

Listen to the songs here


Naxalism in india
Lata and hridayanth mangeshkar

You have found out very soon that I have linked you. Nice blog you have. Your analysis is very beievable in simple words. Keep posting :-)
thanxs manish :)
I luved the music of LAL SALAAM . Lata Mangeshkar is fabulous as ever!

BTW , if i m not very wrong, SAAZ means music, instrument...not breath (which is 'saans')
thanxs for stopping by.Yeah the music was good,its unfortunate that people like hridayanth are not getting many chances to compose good music :(.
thanxs for the correction.
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