Monday, October 10, 2005

Raghu Romeo

The movie funded by NFDC and the public is rajat kapoor's experiment in making an independant movie.

Raghu(vijay Raaz) is a fan of soap opera heroine Neetaji(Maria Goretti), a man who is always lost in his dreamy world, he crosses the reality line and falls in love with the heorine Neetaji.One day he kidnaps her to save her from a hitman(Saurabh shukhla).what happens to raghu and neetaji is the rest of the story.

There is other characters in the movie like Sweety(Saddiya Siddiqui) a bar dancer, is in love with raghu.The love triangle of raghu is made more complicated with the hitman loving sweety, the love quadrangle gets more funny with all the four in one house.

The movie hangs somewhere in between being an independent movie and a mainstream movie.The movie stays away from the regular plot and the story structure of mainstream movies.There is no good vs bad, there is no emotional drama, there is no big sentimental scenes in the movie.But there are lot of interesting and funny situation which are not fully exploited in the movie.In short the movie stays away from many things that a mainstream movie does.That is the plus and the minus point for this movie.

I wished they stayed away from the songs also but the story is spoiled by the not so funny spoof songs.

The movie has a good cast,
Vijay Raaz .... Raghu
Saddiya Siddiqui .... Sweety
Maria Goretti .... Neeta
Saurabh Shukla .... Brother
Surekha Sikri .... Raghu's mother
Veerendra Saxena ... bar owner.

Vijay raaz as raghu has given a wonderful performance.Vijay raaz eases into this role without any effort.Shaurabh shukhla as a hitman was also good in his role.

Official rajat kapoor/raghu romeo site
virendra saxena
Rajat kapoor on making raghu romeo

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