Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Danav(Demon) - 2003

This is a different movie by Makrand deshpande.This is a movie that starts like a fable and then matures to a full fledged movie making statements about "the power of love and the love of power".

Thakur Raja Sahab(Sayaji Shinde) falls in love with a 7 year old, 7th girl of a family.He keeps her in a mango grove, hidden from the eyes of other males. Lakshmi(Sonali Kulkarni) grows up into a beautiful woman.The obsessive raja who is the all powerful in the area, brings a circus to the village. With the circus comes danav(Danav).Danav is a powerful man who can even lift a elephant. A love triangle starts with lakshmi liking danav. what happens who gets lakshmi is the end.

From the top it might sound like a simple love story, but the way the movie is made is mythical and fairy tale style at times. He has given the feel of a mythical story without spending much.As most of the movie is in a mango grove, you don't have any reference to time and that makes the movie very interesting. But that is broken when when various machines like tractors, bulldozers etc are introduced into the movie. That i found as the biggest draw back of the movie.Mixing Modern machines and mythological characters, takes you out of the dreamy story and makes you think on the logic lines.

The movie has its share of bad moments also.

#)The 70 year old laxmi comes as an young sonali kulkarni with a little bit of white hair here and there.Excuse me guys, wouldn't a little bit of makeup helped?.

#)The demonic Danav, the BEAST, breaks down and tells his flashback. He says that he sees his dead COW in laxmi. He sees her as his dead cow?.Why a cow??.Did he see her as a nourisher are something?. I dint know. someone help me here. what ever it was, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I tried hard to be in that dream world, but at many places i was not able to.I wished makrand made the movie like a mythological one without any reference to time rather than making an intelligent movie on a mythical style.

Apart from the 3 main characters makarand himself comes as a blind watchman of the mango grove.

Awards and recognition:
The movie was selected for the 2004 cannes film fest.

The movie is supposedly made from his play Basant Ka Teesra Yuavan.Read about Basant Ka Teesra Yuavan here

Makarand-A talent hard to ignore
Danav selected for cannes
Makarand - No full stops

The film is not available in India.
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