Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In search of the RoseBud

In India directors don't mind making change with the content, but they are very afraid ,when it comes to form.There are not many movies that have non linear narration styles.Shatranj ki khiladi/suraj ka satvan goda are some movies that are on the top of my mind, when i think about non linear narration.But there are some other movies too.I want to talk about one particular style.The narration style of orsen well's citizen kane.

When i say the Orsen Well's classic narrative technique, i mean the construction of a protagonist through various peoples who were associated with him/her. This style has been adapted by many directors.It has been adapted in a few indian movies too.Iam going to write about 3 good movies that followed that style.

Ek Din Achanak
Sardari Begum

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