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Deshadanam(Migration) - Malayalam -1997

Thought i will complete my special on here is deshadanam

There is a fleeting moment in Ray's "Aparajito".Apu's dad is no more and his family has moved to a village.In order to help the family, the locals make apu as the village preist.The kid who used to be carefree and playful ,has already started maturing with burden of the family.He is returning home after doing pooja's at the temple.He stands on a high ground and looks at many kids playing in the field.He just looks at them and moves on, for he has responsibility and he is the man who talks with gods ,a priest now, he can't play with them.

Well that was satyajit ray, who conveyed so much in a few shots.But what will happen if you blow up this scenes into a full fledged movie?.Well Two people tried it, one was martin scorcese with Kundun the other is jayaraj with Deshadanam.Was Kundun the inspiration for jayaraj?.I don't know?.But the result was a national award winning(Best Regional Film) movie.

This is a straight forward story told in a realistic way.It is the story of pachu.A child prodigy who lives a care free life like any other child, but shows maturity beyond his age when it comes to religious philosophies.He is identified by a holy mutt to become the next Holy guru.His grandfather who once wanted to join that mutt, is delighted and he agrees to that.The parents don't want to send pachu to the mutt, but they can't go against the word given by the grandfather.And to become a monk pachu has to renounce everything,including his family.

The turmoil that the family faces because of pachu becoming a monk is the story.It is kind of a family movie with lot of sensitive scenes.Made on a shoe string budget of 25 lakhs, the movie sticks to basics and makes us feel the characters and their turmoil.The main focus is on the mother, even though other characters also suffer because of this decision, it is the mother who goes through too much pain.For her he was just a playful boy till now, but now has become a holy saint.First of all she has to pretty much donate her loving son to the mutt and apart from that she cannot view him or treat him the same way she used to.From a playful kid, he becomes a holiness.

Filled with lot of sensitive scenes and good music.This is another good movie from jayaraj.

National award
Best Regional Film ,Best Child Artist and Best Audiography

The movie has some excellent songs.Listen them here

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i was watching Deshadanam and just googled it..
It was my fortune that I got this page..
Informative blog, thanks
Now going to read the entire blog..:)
Kundun cannot be an inspiration for Desadanam as it was released in 1996 and Kundun 1997..

Kundun is about the Tradition of Tibetan buddhism and has some beautiful dialogues..

Desadanam is more an emotional drama..though shades of Kundun can be seen..

Both movies are beautiful and touching in their own way.
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