Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The world of Malayalam movies

When there is a scarcity for original stories and screenplay in rest of india, the kerala film industry churns out so many different stories. Yes, it might lack the technical excellence or sophistication of the other regional films. But they are in a different league when it comes to making movies with different and original stories.

They do make there own share of junk movies,But on the other hand there are some beautiful and unforgettable middle of the road movies.These movies have strong stories, realistic characters and excellent screenplay. These movies lack the glamor and glitz of the regular movies. But on the other hand you don’t have to be worried about seeing a villager doing a dance song in switzerland, when he falls in love. Actually most of the songs in these movies are used to take the movie forward than a group of people dancing in a beautiful location.

It is sad that people hardly know about the malayalam movies outside its regional limits. Non availability of DVD's and poor subtitling of the available DVDs also adds to this problem. Thought i will write a little bit about some good malayalam movies & director's.

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