Monday, September 10, 2007

Thaniyavarthanam(Solo perfomance) -Malayalam -1987

If theerthadanam was all story, this movie is all screenplay.The movie screenplay is just excellent.

This movie is a straight forward story about a man and how the blind beliefs of the society changes him.The movie is by the successful pair of writer lohithidas and director sibi malyail, which has given many award winning movies.One of the best roles of mammooty, this movie will haunt you for ever.

The movie focus on how deep the blind faith is in rural india and how our perception of something , makes it right or wrong rather thatn what really it is.I would hate to give away anything about the story of this movie.Nothing much to say, just watch it people, its one of a kind movie and a must watch.

Sibi Malayil

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